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The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Infrastructure Vision 2027 was conceived in Lusaka, Zambia at the Summit in 2007 with the objective of establishing a strategic framework to guide the development of seamless and cost-effective trans-boundary infrastructure. The SADC Infrastructure Vision 2027 is  anchored on six pillars consisting of Energy, Transport, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Meteorology, Trans-Boundary Water Resources and Tourism (trans-frontier conservation areas), which constitutes the  SADC Regional Infrastructure Development Programme. The six infrastructure pillars are established on a solid foundation of harmonised policies and regulations capped by a joint pool of human resource capacity development and concerted effort to engender public awareness and commitment to these goals.  The competitiveness of SADC will to a larger extent, depend on joint action and joint pooling of available resources to achieve comprehensive development of infrastructure as envisioned by “SADC Infrastructure Vision 2027. 

The RIDMP   defines SADC’s infrastructure development strategy and constitute basis for prioritization of projects, as well as the modus operandi for implementation. The Strategic Framework forecasts both requirements and implementation roadmap over a duration of fifteen (15) with a span of five (5) years. The three phases of implementation of the PLAN will be as follows; Short-term 2013-2017, Medium-term 2017-2022 and long-term 2022-2027.

Within the context of the above, the “RIDMP” constitutes the approved SADC Regional Infrastructure Development Programme and shall guide the process of selection and implementation of regional infrastructure projects at the level of feasibility assessments, preparation for bankability and investment.   It also constitutes the basis for SADC Member States commitment to a common infrastructure development programme, in the form of a Declaration, as well as the basis for review of its implementation.

The SADC Regional infrastructure programme ranges from simple projects that involve two Member States to complex ones that involves several or all Member States.  In keeping with overall regional objectives, the development of such infrastructure would be targeted towards the achievement of strategic objectives of poverty alleviation and regional integration.




























This website offers an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) for projects in the SADC RIDMP.  Navigate to the tab Infrastructure Projects to select a layer of interest, then click on a project icon to see the title of the project.  When clicking on the subsequent link provided, a complete project profile will appear, which is printable.  Functionality is also available on the project profile for a user to provide comments or updates to the information contained in the project profile.  Alternatively, users can send updated information to  Users can also navigate to the complete Project Database, which includes all projects in the master plan (also those not mapped).





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